Free Premarital Couples Counseling in Baltimore

Free Prepare/Enrich Sessions With Intern Bayard Solomon

443-288-6281 :

  • Do you & your partner want premarital counseling but don’t know how to afford it?
  • Does it seem like most premarital counseling is church-based and you don’t have a church you’d want to seek counseling from?
  • Do you know your partner’s attitudes on important life-effecting issues like finances, where they want to live, the importance of career, if they want children, closeness to parents, etc?

Bayard is an advanced graduate student with McDaniel College studying counseling.  He is currently completing his internship under supervision prior to graduation and needs a few couples to work through the Prepare/Enrich system.

Interested couples need to complete a phone screen with Bayard, then pay for only the Prepare/Enrich online questionnaire ($35) – the counseling is free.  LGBTQ and heterosexual couples should be contemplating marriage, long-term cohabitation, or be newly married. The purpose of Prepare/Enrich is mainly as a tool for discovering your partner’s attitudes and your strengths and growth areas together.  If you and your partner are having severe problems and fights, you should seek an experienced couples therapist who can tailor counseling specifically to your needs rather than run through a proven but standardized generic system like Prepare/Enrich.

Bayard will walk most couples through a 6-session process covering most of the major areas of life coordination and potential disagreements.  Couples reports from Prepare/Enrich and workbooks are provided.

Bayard has lots of experience in mental health and more information on his background can be found at the Hygeia Counseling website and on his Psychology Today profile.

You can reach Bayard at 443-288-6281 or

If you reached this web page directly, you may not know what Prepare/Enrich is.  Here are a few links to help you learn more about this wonderful program: