What is the Cost?

I am offering the following package of services for either:

  1. $600 upfront, or
  2. $35 upfront, and $150 per session (40-45 minutes) pay-as-you-go
Item Prepaid — $600 Paid at Time of Service
Online assessment questionnaire — about 40 minutes long, completed individually by each partner. Included $35 upfront
Two (2) copies of the Couples Report of the online assessment findings. Included Provided at first paid session.
Two (2) copies of the Couples Workbook — skills and exercises for home and in-session practice. Included Provided at first paid session.
Five (5) couples facilitation sessions. 5 Included.  Additional sessions $100 each. $150 each at time of session (40-45 minutes). ($200 per 53-60 minute session)

The number of sessions needed is generally around five sessions and varies depending upon the report and issues of the couple involved.  We will cover as much ground as possible in the five included sessions and discuss if there are priorities to concentrate time on.  Additional sessions can be purchased for $100 each after purchasing the upfront package or $150 pay-as-you-go.